"My daughter and family have been involved with KLD ALL STARS since she began as a tiny at the age of 3 years old, she has just turned 13 so for us that is a 10 year association with KLD and I cannot speak highly enough of the Principal Kerryn Brimmer and her staff. In that time I have seen my daughter not only grow in her dance but learn many other skills that she will carry for her lifetime such as learning to set herself goals, that it takes hard work and determination and an attitude of never giving up if you truly want something. That your friends and dance family will always be there to pick you up and encourage you to be better than you ever dreamed you could be and that they will be there to cheer you on when you accomplish it not just in dance but in life! She has learnt there is no I in team! Kerryn Brimmer and all the staff at KLD ALL stars have been nothing short of amazing when my daughter was diagnosed with anxiety this past year, they encouraged her, made exceptions for her in class, made sure she had a buddy and constantly checked all was ok with her and all the while checking we were ok as a family as well. Who does that? We truly are part of a close knit dance family and I cannot see you finding that with any other club. If you are looking for somewhere to watch you son or daughter grow in dance and life then I cannot recommended KLD ALL Stars more highly". - Nicole Turner

"My daughters are heading into their 7th year of Cheer and Dance with KLD. My youngest started at age 5. Both had tried other sports but found their passion at KLD. They have grown so much in the last 6 years from both a skill perspective and in confidence. They have participated in many styles with my youngest giving everything a go and just can't get enough. They have done Cheer, tumbling, jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, pom and last year Acro. Both have been National Champions and made us so proud. The opportunities they have been given have been amazing with the peak being competing in Hawaii last year. Having the choice to do recreational dance/cheer or fully competitive is great, its up to each student/parent to work out what they would like to achieve and It caters to all levels of skills. My eldest has had some medical issues and the staff have been amazing with her, the support and encouragement she received when going through a very difficult time the last 2 years has been great. Kerryn Brimmer has been amazing with her and told her she can come talk to her anytime. The support of her team mates also cannot be more valued. Both my girls adore their teachers/coaches. We look forward to another great year and seeing what amazing choreography is in their routines this year. Thanks KLD and staff". - Jenny Myerscough

"This will be my daughters 5th year at KLD and it has been the best experience for her. She has made some life long friends and has learnt a lot and is still learning new things everyday. Cheer and Dance at KLD has helped make her a very confident, disciplined, determined and social person. She loves KLD and I dont think she will ever leave".  - Michelle Norman

"My daughter Ashlee is starting her fifth year at KLD, in the years that she has been there she has gained confidence, made lots of new friends & very close friends. She has developed many life skills including teamwork, fitness, motivation & dedication, which will help in her future.  I am happy to say I am glad we chose KLD as I feel we are like one big family!  I am so proud of all the achievements that have been made & looking forward to many more years to come.  A big thankyou to all teachers & staff".  - Stacey Spencer

"I love KLD as everyone gets along and treats each other like family. The coaches connect with the way each of us dance, support us individually to improve and develop with a good giggle along the way"  - Amy Northey/student

"We have been part of the KLD family since my daughter was 5 years old. From the beginning when she started in Tiny Dance Stars until now, we have had an amazing journey.  Over the years, I have seen my beautiful girl grow with confidence, understand the importance of being part of a team and supporting others whilst enjoying what she loves most - Cheer & Dance. The values she has learnt in such a young age has made her into a strong, committed, disciplined, responsible and loving young lady that I attribute to the amazing teachers, all KLD Staff and awesome friends we have made along the way.  At KLD it's all about growing and enhancing our kids skills & strengths in a positive environment and results speak for themselves not only at competitions but all year round. We are part of the KLD Family for life - Thanks to all, couldn't be at a better club" - Mary Costallos

"My daughter has been with KLD for over 3 years now and her growth is outstanding! While her technique of cheer and dance has improved dramatically, so too has her confidence, encouragement of others, performance skills and most of all her resilience. The family environment along with the hands on personable coaches, means my child just can't get enough of the place!" -  Sarah Hill

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