• Families have the option of full payment of tuition fees (payable each term or monthly) for the year. Term payments can be made at reception via cash, cheque or EFTPOS. Monthly payments are authorized by direct debit by credit card only.
  • Enrolment & competition registration fees must be paid by all athletes prior to the commencement of their first class (with the exception of a free trial class).
  • Tuition fees that are overdue will incur an additional $25.00 late fee for administration. Failure to pay will result in loss of service: athletes will be gently removed from class until the debt is paid.
  • All tuition and enrolment fees are strictly NON REFUNDABLE even in the event of injury, sickness, dismissal non-attendance of classes by the athlete or discontinuation of a team.
  • KLD Air Force All Stars is not responsible for reimbursing travel expenses, competition fees, enrolment fees or tuition fees to an athlete who is injured, sick, moved or dismissed from a team.


  • All athletes must wear the correct training uniform (KLD Air Force crop top, shorts and training bow) to every training session. KLD Air Force singlets, long sleeve tops and leggings should not be worn during Term 1 & 4. Athletes not properly attired will not be permitted to train.
  • All athletes must have their hair in a high ponytail for cheer and a donut bun for dance classes. All jewellery (including earrings) must be removed prior to each training session. Fingernails must be kept short at all times.
  • Cheer shoes and correct dance shoes are required at every training session.
  • Competitions: All athletes are required to wear their KLD Air Force jacket & leggings to and from all competitions. Athletes are required to wear their cheer uniform with pride at all times during competitions to promote club unity and presence. Dancers should remove their costumes after their performances and put on their KLD Air Force jacket & leggings or as instructed to do so.


Athletes and parents are expected to always exhibit good sportsmanship and show respect for KLD staff, team mates, other athletes and parents within the gym. During competitions, athletes and parents will not approach competition officials for any reason. Both athletes & parents will be asked to read and sign contracts upon registration for our competitive Air Force program that outlines correct behavior & policies. These contracts cover a number of items including inappropriate conduct, negative representation, financial obligation, responsibilities, commitment & anti-bullying policy. Copies of these contract agreements are available on our website. www.kldallstars.com.au


  • Injured athletes are required to supply their coach with a physiotherapy report or medical certificate outlining the extent of the injury, rehab plan and when they are allowed to restart training. Injured athletes without a report or certificate will not be allowed to train.
  • The first aid kit is only available to students through their coach. KLD is unable to provide athletes with Paracetamol or equivalent medication. The club reserves the right to call an ambulance for any athlete and will not bear responsibility for any costs this incurs. Parents will be notified immediately.
  • KLD coaches hold Working With Children checks and Level 2 First Aid qualifications.


Personal accident insurance is supplied for all athletes upon enrolment, but we DO NOT supply ambulance cover. KLD reserves the right to call an ambulance on behalf of an athlete regardless of their coverage with Ambulance Victoria. Parents will be notified immediately.


  • All official communication from the club will be distributed via email to both parents and athletes registered as contacts on our database. Important notifications will also be sent in the form of text messages to parents and athletes mobile phone numbers. Billing information will be supplied to a single nominated email address.
  • Facebook is not an acceptable communication tool regarding class absence or lateness for athletes. Any scheduled absences are to be submitted on our Absence Request Forms.
  • Athletes running late need to notify reception.
  • A medical certificate is required to be provided should any athlete miss training during our block out periods or as requested by KLD staff. Hospitalisation or serious contagious illness are the only accepted reasons to miss training and a medical certificate must be provided without further request. If feeling unwell, ill or injured, athletes are still expected to attend and watch training so as to not miss important changes & corrections.


  • School exams, tests or homework due the following day are not considered acceptable reasons to miss training. We expect all of our athletes to prepare themselves for their schooling responsibilities so that they do not negatively impact their team.
  • KLD does not allow cross competing with other All-Star clubs/gyms or dance studios under any circumstances. The club also does not allow training at other cheerleading gyms inclusive of private classes and open gyms. Failing to adhere to these rules will result in immediate dismissal from KLD Air Force without refund.
  • KLD has a strict ‘No Bullying Policy’ that extends to verbal, physcial and cyber bullying. We do not tolerate bullying in any form or negative body remarks. If anyone is found to be bullying other athletes they will immediately be removed from the club without refund.
  • KLD is also compliant with Child Safe Policies & procedures. A copy of our extended policies & rules are available in our members area of the website www.kldallstars.com.au

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