Enrolment Questions

How do I enrol?

To enrol, please email us info@kldallstars.com.au to request an Enrolment Form or complete the trial class registration form on our website (www.kldallstars.com.au) or visit our studio in person.

Can I have a trial class?

Absolutely! Please complete the trial registration form on our website (www.kldallstars.com.au) or visit our studio prior to taking a class.

How do I know which class is suitable on your timetable, it’s confusing?

KLD offers over 100 classes each week, so our timetable is a little bit confusing. We are more than happy to assist you with placing your child into the most suitable class for their age, experience & ability. Please email us info@kldallstars.com.au or contact us on 9763 5511 or mobiles 0419 529928 or 0408 917997

What type of payments do you accept for tuition fees?

KLD accepts two types of payment processes (please note these apply to Tuition fees ONLY):

Term payments

Term fees are due to be paid during Week 1 of any term. Payments can be made at reception by eftpos, cash or cheque. We do not offer direct bank transfer deposits, as we have fulltime reception staff available

Monthly payments (Competitive program only)

Monthly payments are taken by registering your credit card on our direct debit authorization form. 10 equal payments are made by this process (each one is done on the last day of the month January - October).

What's the difference between recreational classes and competitive classes?

Recreational (Prep) classes have a term by term commitment only, no competitions, but students will have the opportunity to perform in our end of year showcase. Competition is a yearly commitment with an annual registration cost, mandatory classes, competition uniform and/or costumes, and 2 - 5 competitions each year.  Nationals is held interstate every 2nd year, therefore interstate travel is required in the years that Nationals is held in QLD.

My child doesn’t want to compete, is that OK?

Absolutely, we offer recreational (Preparatory) classes in the following styles:


Classical Ballet



Hip Hop



Acro Dance

Our Tiny & Twinkles Dance classes are also recreational, however, our Tiny Cheer class is semi-competitive.

Our recreational (PREP) classes perform in our end of year concert/showcase performances, but do not compete in competitions.

My child wants to do competitive cheerleading & dance, but we missed your try-outs/auditions. Can we still join or is it too late?

We suggest you contact us immediately, as it depends on your child’s experience and age. Some of our teams are already full and have commenced their competition training. We do accommodate new students through-out the year into our competitive Air Force program and we would need to assess your child for their suitability to a competitive team/s.

My child wants to enrol in your competitive Air Force program, but we always go on family holidays and take the opportunity to head away on long week-ends. Can they miss classes & what happens if we are away for a competition?

If you’re unable to commit to your child attending class regularly and have already planned a lengthy family holiday, we suggest you enrol your child into our recreational classes. We do try to be accommodating, but as competitive cheerleading and dance are team-orientated sports, we prefer families do not take holidays during normal school terms and outside of our competition season. (June – November). If you have already booked a holiday or you have a family commitment that clashes with one of our competitions, please let us know as soon as you can, we can then consider the best outcome for your child and their team/s.

When do I need to purchase the uniform? Is it compulsory?

Our uniform is compulsory for all students including our youngest Twinkle Dancers & Tiny Cheerleaders. Students are welcome to attend a trial class without purchasing our Uniform, but we suggest you should organise the uniform within 2 - 3 weeks.

What happens if my child is sick for a recreational (Preparatory) class?

We provide make up lessons for recreational (Prep) classes where there is room permitting, during Terms 1 & 2. We will endeavour to provide a make up lesson in the same style/genre and to the most appropriate level for your child. Please email admin@kldallstars.com.au to book a make up class.

What happens if my child is sick or injured for a competition class?

It is mandatory that you attend your competition class to watch unless you are contagious or vomiting, in which case you need to provide a doctor certificate. If you are coming to watch you need to call and speak to reception prior to your class so we can inform the coaches, giving them as much time as possible to re-create their lesson plan. If illness or injury occurs during our block-out periods prior to a competition, your child may need to be moved from their position or from the team competing at the next competition. This will be at the coach’s discretion for the best interests of the team.

What happens if my child has school camp, a school event or a family emergency arises, and we are in a competition class?

You need to complete an Absence Request form giving at least 2 weeks notice prior to the date of absence.  Absence Request forms are available on our website www.kldallstars.com.au (members area) or at reception. You can email your form to admin@kldallstars.com.au for approval. Completing an absence request form, is not an indication that the request is approved. Please ensure you have received notification of approval for absence.

Why does KLD have so many policies & procedures?

KLD believes that an organised studio/gym with well thought out policies and procedures in place is best for our students & their families. Our policies are well established as KLD celebrated 30 years in 2017. Our rules are enforced to ensure the studio runs in a fair, reasonable and consistent manner to all students.

Air Force Cheerleading Questions

What happens when another child makes a higher level cheer team than my child?

Our competition teams are a clean slate every year, we base the teams on age, tumbling ability, stunting ability, and previous good commitment and positive attitudes. If your child has a good team attitude and tumbling to a certain level is almost guaranteed they will make a team based on tumbling ability. If they do not have a high level tumbling ability but strengths in other areas and will continue to work on improving their tumbling skills, we may offer a “cross over” position in a higher level team. This is not to say that everyone will be given this opportunity. If an athletes with low level tumbling is bumped up to a cross-over, consider yourself a “lucky one” if you an athletes does not get bumped up, you are not “hard done by” you simply did not fit the team at this point in time. We encourage everyone to work on theirl tumbling to ensure they can move up the levels in future.

My child wants to be a flyer on a cheer team how do I ensure this happens?

On try out day we look at stunting and flexibility, if you have flown before at a previous club and would like us to know please ensure you demonstrate this and your flexibility at try outs. However, it does come down to what is going to work best for our gym that year, and we can not guarantee anyone is going to be a flyer. We believe it is important that everyone learns every position at KLD Air Force (height and strength permitting). In fact majority of our high level athletes have all and can all, base, back and fly. The stronger you are in all positions the more valuable you are especially once you get older and reach the higher level teams.

Air Force Dance Questions

My child has aged out of Youth dance, but she has been given a Senior team and not Junior. Why isn’t she dancing with the Junior team?

We try to keep all of our dance teams within their age division, however this is not always possible especially around the Yth/Jnr age divisions. Some students may be tall for their age or more mature, so we try to accommodate students in the most age appropriate and skill level of dance possible.

My child isn’t given the opportunity to compete in the team that she wants to be in? Why is she being overlooked because she is better than “little Susie” who is in that team!

We generally have 2 competitive dance teams of the same age division competing each season. We prefer to offer smaller competitive dance teams, as opposed to putting larger dance teams together with varying abilities.  We do not “overlook” students, our teachers and staff have the knowledge and experience to offer our students the best possible experience in competitive dance. We certainly do not want your child, feeling uncomfortable in a class that is above their level of ability. We much prefer students feeling confident and happy and working within their range & age of ability, so they can progress & achieve in life and in dance.

Communication Questions

When can I speak to teachers?

Unfortunately, teachers are not available before, during or after classes as classes run back to back. Please direct all enquiries to admin@kldallstars.com.au and then we can contact the relevant teacher/staff member and provide you with the answers/feedback to your question.

How can I receive feedback on how my child is going?

Please feel free to contact us via email admin@kldallstars.com.au . We can speak to your child’s teacher/teachers and then get back to you with their feedback. We kindly ask that feedback be requested no more often than once every 6 months as improvement can take time. We will always provide feedback to parents, if there are any concerns with their progress, suitability to class and/or matters of interest that parents should be aware of.

How do I contact teachers and staff?

All communication to KLD staff is via email admin@kldallstars.com.au or by phone or in person. It isn’t appropriate to communicate via private social media. KLD staff and teachers will not accept friend requests from students or parents.

End of Year Concert/Showcase Questions

Does my child have to perform in the concert?

We prefer that all students participate in our end of year concert, as this is when we can showcase all of our students’ hard work and development.

Do I need to buy tickets to watch my child perform?

Yes, if you wish to watch the concert you will need to buy a ticket. Tickets are usually between $24-30 each.

How long does the concert go for?

Generally our concert runs for about 3 – 4 hours. Twinkle & Tiny Dance students are usually only required for first 30 - 45 mins of the show. They are then able to go home for a rest/sleep inbetween.

How many concerts do you have and does my child perform in all of them?

We have 2 shows on the one day, so there is a matinee performance and an evening performance. All students perform in both concert performances, however the Twinkle & Tiny Dance students are allowed to leave the matinee performance earlier to rest inbetween.

What classes perform in the showcase?

All of our dance classes, excluding our competitive teams. We may however include some competitive dance teams, if they have been very successful through-out the year. All Level 1 cheerleading teams (Level 2+ teams do not perform in the concert) and all recreational dance & cheerleading classes.

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