Cheerleading is what most people recognize as "Bring it On" cheerleading. It is a fast paced, dynamic sport that involves stunts, tumbling, tosses and dance & requires dedication and a strong work ethic.

Classes follow the USASF rules for age divisions as well as skill building for stunts, tosses & tumbling.

KLD All Stars offers RECREATIONAL & COMPETITIVE (All Star) classes for both MALES & FEMALES in:-

  • Cheerleading - Stunting & Tosses
  • Tumbling
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Flyers technique & flexibility
Air Force All Stars fields competitive teams in ALL LEVELS 1 - 5

Level 1 Team

  • Rolls
  • Cartwheels
  • Round-offs
  • Front & back walkovers
  • Front & back handsprings

Level 2 Team

  • Front & back handsprings
  • Round-off back handspring(s)
  • Front walkover front handsprings

Level 3 Team

  • Running front & back tucks

Level 4 Team

  • Running front & back layouts
  • Standing front & back tucks
  • Intro to twisting and bounding skills

Level 5 Team

  • Running & standing advanced twisting passes

At Air Force All Stars we offer all levels of competitive cheer from ages 4 yrs and up.

All students aged 7yrs+ will attend try-outs for team placement.  No experience is necessary

Team members are evaluated on motions, jumps, tumbling and/or dance skills, then placed into competitive teams accordingly.

Training commences in February and continues through to November with competition season commencing in July/August.

Students must attend our try-outs which are held in December & February each year.

If you missed our Try-outs please call our gym to arrange an assessment for Team placement. 

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