READY SET DANCE (2-5yr olds) TINY CHEER STARZ (3.5-6yr olds)

KLD DANCE & CHEER STARZ offers your child the opportunity to learn dance technique in a creative, caring and fun way. Classes include characterisation activities and incentives, as well as all the traditional elements of a dance or cheerleading class. Students will be able to earn stickers to place in their very own award booklets for great dancing and all star cheerleader-like behaviour.

Each class is structured for:

  • development appropriate for young dancers or cheerleaders
  • conducted in a safe environment for young dancers/cheerleaders to explore their creativity
  • progressive in content so that each dancer/cheerleader learns a range of important skills over time

The teachers understand that every child develops at a different rate and that the period between 0-7 years is critical for cognitive, neural, motor, socio-emotional and language development. Dance & Cheerleading are the ideal activities to encourage brain development and our curriculum has been designed to support students’ development during this important time. Positive effects of movement/dance include:

  • increased concentration
  • sustained attention
  • maximised energy levels
  • improved storage and retrieval of information

KLD's Dance Starz program offers the following classes for our youngest dancers & cheerleaders:

READY SET DANCE: 2-3 year old class (Year 1)
READY SET DANCE: 4-5 year old class (Year 1 or 2)

READY SET DANCE is the perfect way to start developing the co-ordination skills that are the basics of dance classes. The JAZZ component of the class teaches preschoolers important developmental milestones like skipping, cross co-ordination and sequencing.

There is no denying that preschoolers these days are cool. They love to bust out HIP HOP moves. We have developed our very own hip hop songs like the ‘Ice Cream Freeze’ and ‘Hip Hop Italiano’ that our dancers absolutely love learning. Our MUSIC section has a strong emphasis on counting music, understanding tempo and exploring rhythm. We love to use musical instruments and parachutes to have fun learning music as a team.

Each lesson involves SINGING time on the microphone. Our little divas and rock stars just love to take their turn on their microphone and sing with their puppets. It’s very rewarding to see some of our shy students gradually gain confidence and sing individually on the microphone and introduce themselves to the class.

We know that the secret to learning TAP is to start early – It’s just like learning a language. That’s why it’s an important ingredient in our class. Our songs like the ‘Gumboot Splash’, ‘Jungle Bug Squish’ and the ‘Penguin Parade’ are fun exercises that teach us how to use our heels, toes and to learn how to shuffle. All these ingredients together create a super hour of fun!

In these 60-minute classes students are introduced to age appropriate movements that lay the foundation for further study in dance. These classes encourage creativity, self-expression and individuality. The curriculum is flexible, allowing us to pace the work to the needs of each individual class. To help students learn most effectively students enter class without their parents. We do, however allow for a settling in period during Term 1 (or the first 1-3 weeks from enrolment) for our RSD students to have a parent nearby.

TINY CHEER & DANCE STARZ  - Steps to stardom! (Year 3)

Upon completion of our Ready Set Dance program our students can move into our main stream KLD ALL STARS classes or our TINY CHEER program.  We offer a Tiny Cheer Starz program for students that have completed RSD and/or are aged 3.5 – 6yrs or age.   

Our Tiny Cheer Starz program has been created to give your child a taste for age & level appropriate cheerleading, tumbling & dance in a once/per week session.

Our Tiny Cheer Starz may also get the opportunity to compete at 1 or 2 small local competitions.

KLD Tiny Cheer Starz will teach your child basic skills of cheerleading in a fun, nurturing and positive learning environment.

  • maximise your child's learning potential
  • build self esteem
  • build self confidence
  • develop solid movement & skill foundations
FAIRY BALLET & KLD ALL STARS  - Steps to stardom! (Year 3)

Upon completion of our Ready Set Dance program our students can move into our main stream KLD ALL STARS classes.  We offer beginner ballet classes (Fairy Ballet) following the Cecchetti method of classical ballet and beginner Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop classes that follow the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus.  

Refer to the Dance Classes page under the Programs tab for further information.

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